Lay Ministry

The Mission of the Lay Ministry Team is to provide spiritual support to the members and friends of Asbury Crestwood United Methodist Church who are experiencing health challenges or grief, with particular attention to those unable to attend worship, fellowship and service activities.

Our Plan of how we will accomplish this mission includes: telephone calls, home and hospital visits, first Sunday Communion visits, providing gift baskets at Christmas and Easter, sending cards, and bringing flowers and meals.

Our Ministry in action:  one of our church members began experiencing more health challenges with increasingly frequent hospitalizations. Lay Ministers visited her at home bringing communion and the love of the congregation. When there was a delay in obtaining home health aide services some lay ministers assisted her friend in providing some coverage. Now that she is settled in a nursing home, members of the Lay Ministry team continue to visit monthly, bringing communion, cards and gifts and helping her to feel loved and connected to Asbury.